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Security fencing

The Ultimate Guide to Security Fencing 

Security fencing

Whether you’re putting up a fence around your home, or protecting your assets at a place of business, finding the right security fence is essential. And with this ultimate guide, you’ll be able to do it with ease. We’ve included everything you need to know, from different types of security fences, to key questions to ask yourself – all designed to enable you to make a confident, informed decision on which security fence is right for you. 

Different types of security fencing

Today, the best security fencing suppliers offer fencing panels in various heights and sizes. This is because it allows customers to completely customise the fence they require. The panels are matched with pillars and gates, and when combined, create the perfect security fence to meet your exact specifications. 

Security Fence Panels

Security fence panels simplify the installation of a security fence, offering more customisation to meet your specific needs. These panels come in various heights and designs and are typically made from high-quality aluminium. Their design focuses on strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

meet Australian safety regulations. 

Security gate posts

Security gate posts sit in between the fence panels and attach to them like brackets, ensuring that they are secure and impenetrable. Security gate posts enhance the strength of your security gate, serving as pillars that securely hold the entire gate together.

Security Gates

Security Gates allow access from one side of your security fencing to the other. Most security gates are height-adjustable and offer a self-closing hinge option, to ensure that your security gate remains closed at all times. Security Gates are available in both sliding and swing options. When considering which gate is right for you, consider the amount of space around the gate. If this space is limited, a slide gate is recommended. 

Choosing the right security fencing

With so many security fencing options available, and the ability to customize them to your specifications, the best approach to selecting the right security fence involves considering these four key questions:

What is the purpose of the security fence?

As straightforward as it seems, this question can actually inform many details around which security fence you should be looking at. For example, you could simply be looking to keep a pet within the boundaries of your home. This will mean that you’re probably looking for a lower batten style fence. If you are looking to put up a security fence to keep your business safe, for example, then you’ll be looking at more heavy-duty commercial security fence options. 


What is the size of the area you need to fence off? 

Answering this question will give you insight into further details including the type of material used in the security fence, and how many gates or access points you require along the perimeter of the security fence.  


What level of security do you require?

By answering this question, you’ll narrow down details like the type of security fence you require, the height of the security fence, the amount of access points and how much (or little) you need to control access to those points. 


What is your budget?

Knowing your budget is when you begin considering which security fence is right for you and will guide you towards the right one quicker. Here, it’s important to find a security fence that is going to be effective in meeting your needs, while also staying within your budget. You’ll also be considering the aesthetic side of the security fence options, which will directly affect the cost of your fence. Remember, if you’re working with a trusted security fence supplier, you’ll never need to compromise on the quality of your security fence when it comes to discussing your budget.


Final checks

Before you make your final decision here are a few final questions to consider, to ensure you’ve found the right security fence. Ask yourself:


  • – Is the fence made and manufactured in Australia? 
  • – Does it meet and exceed Australian safety regulations?
  • – Is it customisable to meet your specific needs? 
  • – Is it available in the colour you want?
  • – Is it easy to install?


Finally, ensure that you check to make sure that your security fence comes with a warranty. This doesn’t just ensure its quality and effectiveness over time, it also gives you insight into the security fence provider and how confident they are in the product they’re selling you. The longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the security fence. 

Finding the right security gate partner 

Because there are so many factors to consider when choosing the right security fence for you, it’s always recommended that you choose a supplier who will go the extra mile. ToughGuard20 doesn’t just offer you the best products in the industry, we also offer expert advice on all your security fencing needs. 

ToughGuard20’s aluminium fencing products are perfect for residential properties as well as commercial settings. You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our finest quality security fences, available in various designs and colour schemes, backed by a 20-year manufacture and powder coater warranty, designed to ensure lasting durability. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect security fence to match your expectations and your budget, quality guaranteed.