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Commercial Security Fences

Our aluminium fencing products are perfect for residential properties as well as commercial settings.

Whether it be for schools, aged care facilities, child care facilities or home security purposes, you can rest assured knowing your property is secure with ToughGuard20’s batten & commercial security fences. 

With a variety of designs and colour schemes on offer, ToughGuard20 provides creative flexibility in both residential and commercial spaces. Combining this with our 10 year manufacture & powder coater warranty, you will have peace of mind knowing your fence is designed to last.

For extra quality and security, ToughGuard has developed a new premium product line called  ToughGuard20/20. This style of fencing is backed with a 20-year construction warranty, as well as a 20-year warranty on the powder coat (Duratec/Electro colour range). Perfect for any commercial or residential endeavour, ToughGuard20/20 boasts an even higher quality aluminium specification, making it the best long-term choice for your project. 


Other benefits include: 

  • Made and manufactured in Australia
  • Meets and exceeds Australian safety regulations
  • Patented unique product innovation design
  • Completely customisable, due to our in-house manufacturing right here in Australia
  • Available in the extensive range of Dulux Premium Duratec and Electro colours
  • Capability to colour match any existing sample, backed by the 20/20 warranty
  • Easy to install due to bracket assembly system, requiring only one installer
  • Perfect for commercial and residential projects that require long lasting, high-quality finishes


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ToughGuard20 is the latest and safest, Australian designed and manufactured, powder coated commercial fencing on the market.

  • Eliminate long installation requirements through our patented and integrated ToughGuard20 systems allowing for easy installation
  • Streamlined manufacturing operations allow for large scale project requirements to be met with ease
  • As opposed to the common crimp top designs, ToughGuard20 cut 45 degree angles to our fence tops to provide a modern and stylish look whilst providing the security demanded for a commercial project
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