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Aluminium Vertical Bladed Fin Fencing

We offer a wide range of options to customise your fence, including different colours, finishes, and styles. We can also work with you to create a custom design that meets your specific needs.

High quality Blade Fencing made right here in Australia

Introducing the Bladed Fin Fence by Tough Guard, a revolutionary fencing solution that embodies modern sophistication and sleek elegance. Our Bladed Fin Fence is available in two distinctive styles – 50x10mm and 65x15mm – offering versatility to complement a wide range of architectural preferences and design aesthetics.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Bladed Fin Fence boasts a minimalist design that exudes contemporary charm. Each vertical fin is meticulously welded to our horizontal 43×25 rail, resulting in a robust and durable structure that not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also provides long-lasting security and protection.

The sleek lines and refined finish of the Bladed Fin Fence make it the perfect choice for those seeking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their property. Whether used as a front feature fence for new build townhouses or as external boundary fencing for childcare facilities, the Bladed Fin Fence offers unmatched style and versatility. Experience the epitome of modern fencing design with the Bladed Fin Fence by Tough Guard.

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Bring a touch of security to your home or business with our Bladed Fin Fencing

When it comes to safety, Tough Guard’s Blade Fencing is at the forefront. Our fencing system is equipped with robust anti-climb features, which serve as a deterrent to potential intruders, ensuring the security of your property. These features are strategically designed to prevent unauthorised access, providing an added layer of protection for your home or business.

Moreover, we understand the importance of child safety. That’s why our Bladed Fin Fencing is equipped with specially designed locks that are child-safe, minimising the risk of accidental openings. These locks offer peace of mind to families with young children, knowing that their outdoor space is secure and protected.

With Tough Guard’s Bladed Fin Fencing, you can have confidence in the safety and security of your property. Our commitment to delivering high-quality fencing solutions extends to prioritising the well-being of our customers and their families, ensuring a secure environment for all.

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Benefits of using aluminium Blade Fencing

Sophisticated look: Bladed fin fences are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your home. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your home’s exterior.
Security: Bladed fin fences are a great way to deter crime. The solid construction of the fences makes it difficult for burglars to climb over or break through.
Low-maintenance: Aluminium bladed fences are very low-maintenance. They are made from durable materials that will last for many years, and they are resistant to rust and corrosion. This means that you won’t have to worry about repainting or staining your fence, which can save you time and money.
Good street appeal: Aluminium bladed fences can give your property a great look and make it more attractive to potential buyers. They are a popular choice for homeowners who want to improve the curb appeal of their homes.

If you are considering installing an aluminium bladed fence, be sure to get in touch with an expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your blades covered by a warranty?
Yes! All of our bladed fencing comes with a 10-year manufacturer and a 10-year powder coating warranty to ensure our customers have complete protection.
Can you custom-order bladed fencing?
Yes! All of our aluminium blades can be custom-made to meet your fencing requirements. The bladed fin design is a modern and sleek style that is perfect for front feature fences on new build townhouses or residential properties. It can also be used as external boundary fencing for childcares.
What sizes do your bladed fences come in?
Toughguard20 offers bladed fin fencing in two different sizes: 50x10 and 65x15.
Our bladed fins are face welded to our 43x25 horizontal rail. This welding is an important and integral part of the build as it offers quality and longevity of the product life. Unlike imported fin fences that incorporate a 'U channel' to hold the fin in place, our welded fins are stronger and more durable.
How thick are the blades?
The thickness of the blades can range from 0mm up to 100mm. (±5mm depending on panel height)
Are gates included in your quote?
Yes! We always include a price for the inclusion of a gate to avoid over-measuring and over-quoting your fence materials.
Does the style of the gates and panels match?
Yes. Since we make every element of our products in our Australian-based factory we are able to make panels and gates that seamlessly match each other.
How long will my fence take to be made?
It takes our team between 6 to 10 working days to build your fence. This time excludes delivery time. To get started we will need to know the height and length of the fence you would like to purchase and the style and colour.
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If you are after a quality blade fin fence for your home or business, get in contact with a local installer and ask for Toughguard20 blade fin range or contact us.

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ToughGuard20 is the latest and safest, Australian designed and manufactured, powder coated aluminium slat fencing on the market.

  • Versatility in their application, ToughGuard20 aluminium slats are suitable to meet the requirements of any fencing specification
  • 1.4mm and 1.2mm internal oscillating ridging thickness of ToughGuard20 aluminium slats are thicker than the market average (1.2mm) and can withstand harsher conditions and counteract denting, bending and cracking
  • Fully adjustable slat gaps allow for alteration to differing privacy desires
  • The ToughGuard20 integrated slat system ensure ease of installation and structural integrity
  • Our louvred slats provide steady and controlled airflow and natural sunlight
  • All fixings of ToughGuard20 aluminium slats are concealed to provide a clean and elegant look
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