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ToughGuard20 is designed to last. Buying a ToughGuard20 fence will give your house or business a durable, strong, and attractive product built to last. Plus you are buying and supporting a locally Australian made product.


Aluminium is renowned for being long lasting and durable even under extreme weather conditions. The adhesion properties of powder coating to aluminium are outstanding and far superior to steel. The threat of rust is eliminated due to the use of aluminium. Corrosion is also eliminated, due to our in-house chemical chromate conversion pre-treatment process prior to architectural powder coating. This means that your ToughGuard20 aluminium fencing will look great for years to come.

Construction Strength

ToughGuard20 have created a truly unique self-locating easy-fit post bracket assembly (Patent reg PQ7669/00). Not only is this unique bracket easy to fit, it also adds strength by transferring impact and ground movement more evenly around the post.

We recommend that 12 gauge, Class 4 Tec screws be used when installing a ToughGuard20 aluminium fence.

Unlike other fencing systems, ToughGuard20 fence panels are centre punched, and uprights are welded in place. Due to welding, we guarantee our panels will not rattle, and uprights will not break away leaving an unsightly safety risk.

Our fence panels are tested by an independent NATA approved laboratory to meet Australian Standards 1926, AS2820 & AS3715.

Our unique post design has been engineered to provide extra strength, making the post more rigid due to extensive internal ribbing.

Products care and maintenance tips

Removing dirt and grime from your fence on a regular basic will keep it looking great for years to come.

Weekly hosing (using a garden hose and nozzle) will remove a build-up of dirt and grime.

Three times a year (every 4 months) use a soft brush and mild detergent in warm water to remove dust, salt or other deposits. This should be increased to every 3 months if your fence is located near the beach or industrial areas, where pollutants are more prevalent.

Pay particular attention to washing areas that would not normally be exposed to rain water.

Always rinse with fresh water after cleaning, to remove any detergent.

WARNING: Do not use household cleaners containing strong solvents, as they could be harmful to the powder coated surface.

NOTE: The ToughGuard20 warranty applies providing the above maintenance procedures are complied with.