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About ToughGuard20

Australia’s leading manufacturer of innovative patented designed fencing and balustrading products.

ToughGuard20 is an Australian owned aluminium fencing manufacturing company which has been established for over 30 years, originally operating solely as a powder coating facility.

Through their interactions providing the powder coating service to other fencing companies, the company identified technical flaws and areas of improvement within the designs. These flaws not only effected the overall quality and reliability of the fencing products, but most importantly the families purchasing these products as they were compromised with a sub-par fence.

It was from this moment, ToughGuard20 made it our objective to provide the safest, strongest and most reliable aluminium fencing product and shifted into the manufacturing world. 30 years on and the team at ToughGuard20 are continually developing innovative technologies backed by third party testing as we strive for un-matched quality to our lasting objective.

ToughGuard20 places a strong emphasis on providing equal opportunities for all, with a team of culturally diverse employees with widespread expertise. Additionally, we strive to give back to the community through offering internship programs to students.

ToughGuard20 factory

Our integrated factory layout allows us to fabricate and powdercoat on site. This ensures that a quality product is produced in a timely manner.

We are also major architectural powder applicators with on-site powder coating facilities. In partnership with our valued customers, we have worked on many architectural building projects. Given our Dulux powder coating certification, we specialise in the field of high performance warranty powders.

We are renowned in the industry for our high quality products and excellent service. For whatever your fencing desires are, ToughGuard20 is able to provide a fencing solution that will provide years of satisfaction. Our network of distributors throughout Australia can provide competitive quotes for all of your aluminium fencing requirements.