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At ToughGuard20, we understand that the safety of your students is of the highest importance. Our purpose-built school fencing has been specifically designed to ensure their safety, with special consideration having gone into preventing intruders from easily entering over the top of the fence or rolling underneath it.

Not only do ToughGuard20/20 fences offer safety and security, they are also visually very pleasing. With a wide product range of fences that are suitable for any project, we can recommend both modern and traditional styles to match the style of your school. Plus, if you’d like your school’s fencing to match your school’s colours, we have access to the technology and resources to colour match any sample.

Laser Cut Designs

ToughGuard20 now offer cutting edge laser cut signs, which can be installed into fencing panels and entrance gates at your school. You can showcase your school logo or emblem embedded into your entrance gate and matched with your school colours. It’s a great way to further create recognition and awareness for your school.

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ToughGuard20/20 ticks all the boxes

  • Made and manufactured in Australia
  • Meets and exceeds Australian safety regulations
  • Patented unique product innovation design
  • Completely customisable, due to our in-house manufacturing right here in Australia
  • Available in the extensive range of Dulux Premium Duratec and Electro colours
  • Capability to colour match any existing sample, backed by the 20/20 warranty
  • Easy to install with only one installer required on job, due to easy bracket assembly system
  • Perfect for commercial and residential projects that require long lasting, high-quality finishes

ToughGuard20 specialise in providing both Secondary and Primary schools with long lasting boundary fencing. With a growing number of completed school projects, you can rest assured that you are working with experts that understand the ins and outs required to finish an outstanding school fencing project. If you’re looking for a top-quality school fence, talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today.