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The safest fencing product on the market

ToughGuard20’s fences are designed to be the safest fencing product available today. Independently tested to meet and exceed Australian standards, these fences are the only answer when it comes to security. Here, Craig Sferco explains the design behind the fence keeping your children safe.

Read what Craig had to say

G’day Craig Sferco, I’m the owner and innovator of ToughGuard fencing and balustrading products.

Your child’s safety is paramount. Our fencing system has been designed to provide the safest fencing product that is available today. It has been tested independently to meet and exceed Australian standards by a whopping 65 to 70%.

How we do that is with this unique, patented shape that we have. Patented all over the world, this shape has been design to add strength and security to all of our products. When it comes to choosing pool fencing, garden fencing or playground fencing, where you want to keep your children safe, our product is the one to provide that security for you.

I invite you once more to experience a ToughGuard different and before choosing any other product, do not look past our product. It’s the correct choice. For more information, please contact us direct on 1800 33 33 79 or for more information go to our website.