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Upgrade your Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are making a comeback in 2019. With the average lot sizes in Melbourne continually decreasing, privacy is even harder to come by. The solution to this is privacy screens. They’re trendy, stylish and practical. Plus, they can be customised to suit your garden. ToughGuard20’s aluminium slat fencing makes for a long lasting and aesthetic privacy screen.

Protection from the neighbours

There’s nothing worse than entertaining friends in your outdoor area and realising that your neighbours have a front row seat to the whole evening. The simple solution to this is privacy screens. They’re not intrusive and they won’t be an eyesore in your carefully curated entertaining area. Place them strategically around your barbeque area and outdoor setting to give yourself a more protected and intimate outdoor area. With ToughGuard20’s aluminium slat fencing you won’t compromise light or aesthetics. The distance between the slats is customisable so you have complete control over how much light shines through. Plus, with access to the full Dulux colour range you’ll be able to find the perfect colour for your slats. Consider a bright accent colour to complement the space or a wood grain finish for a timeless and trendy look.

Protection from the elements

The other major benefit that privacy screens provide is protection against strong winds or the glaring sun. You have complete control over the positioning of the slats so you’re able to use that to your advantage. If you’re in a particularly windy area, install the screen as a windbreak. If you struggle with a bad glare from the sun, eliminate the problem. There’s a large enough gap between the slats to allow a gentle breeze through, and you’ll see the sun shining through the slats. You’ve just minimised the problem.

Protection from eyesores

Even in the best-designed and curated gardens you have to deal with eyesores. It feels like Australia is constantly in a drought so if you’ve got room for a water tank it’s a great idea. If you’ve got a large backyard with a pool, you have to manage all the systems attached to it. Plus, everyone has to put their garbage bins away somewhere, and in the middle of a gorgeous backyard, they tend to stand out. These are important elements to your garden, but they don’t look pretty. Privacy screens allow a simple solution to this. They can be used to hide any eyesores in your garden without cutting off access to them. Plus, given the aesthetic quality of the slats, you’ll be enhancing your gardens appearance rather than detracting from it.Privacy screen ToughGuard20 1

A privacy screen that will last

ToughGuard20 fences are built to last. They’re designed for maximum durability and strength, so you can be sure your privacy screen will stand up against the harsh elements. To design your custom privacy screen, talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today.