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Our advice on a low maintenance backyard

Now that the weathers improving, it’s time to get back into the garden and give it the love it needs. Head into spring with a thriving, modern garden full of high-quality accent pieces and a durable, stylish ToughGuard20 fence. Here are ToughGuard20’s biggest home garden trends for 2019.

Low maintenance is the only way to go

We’re all getting busier and busier and most of us don’t have the hours a week needed to maintain a beautiful thriving garden. But the solution is simple. Think ahead and design your garden for longevity and minimal maintenance. Choose plants for the climate and take care following planting instructions to ensure they’ll get the necessary sunlight and water. Plus, think about their positioning. If they’re going to drop leaves all year round don’t plant them near your pond or pool and don’t line your footpath with them. Be strategic and save yourself the hassle later on.

The other major way to keep maintenance costs down is to invest in quality to save yourself time down the road. Choose quality paving that won’t need constant cleaning or repair. Invest in furniture that will stay looking good despite the elements, and choose a durable ToughGuard20 fence that is designed to last. All ToughGuard20 fences are made from powdercoated aluminium, so you won’t need to worry about rust or corrosion. Aluminium is renowned for being long lasting and durable even under the most extreme weather conditions. This means your ToughGuard20 fence will stay looking good for years to come, with minimal maintenance required. To maintain your ToughGuard20 fence simply remove dirt and grime on a regular basis to prevent any build up. It’s that simple.

Turn your garden into a vacation worthy retreat

A big trend we’re seeing in 2019 gardens are vacation worthy backyards. These backyards feature a stand-out element that takes your garden to the next level. A popular example is a well-curated pool area. Don’t just dig a hole, put up a standard pool fence and call it a day. Pay attention to the details and create a poolside retreat that can be enjoyed for many summers to come. Create your signature pool area using quality tiles, lush plants, stylish and durable furniture and a quality ToughGuard20 pool fence. ToughGuard20 create stylish yet secure pool fences. ToughGuard20 fences feature a patented design that was developed to add strength by transferring impact and ground movement more evenly around the post. This creates a strong and sturdy pool fence for maximum security. So when you’re creating your backyard luxury retreat, be sure to include a trendy glass pool fence with ToughGuard20 balustrade posts for the perfect combination of security and style. Plus, top your area off with a set of weatherproof speakers and you’ve got a vacation spot right here in your backyard.

Brighten up your backyard

In 2019 we’re seeing bold colours coming back into style. Bright and exotic plants are making a real come back. The best way to show them off is to give them a backdrop to work off. If you’re curating an alcove in your backyard and you’re looking to include a bold splash of colour. Install a neutral privacy screen to make them pop. The biggest trend in privacy screens for 2019 is slat fencing, and with ToughGuard20 you can customise to your hearts content. Choose the direction of your slats, customise the spacing and choose your colour from the full Dulux powdercoating colour range. With over 250 colours to choose from you’ll be able to design the perfect alcove and make your garden pop.

In 2019 make your garden something to be proud of. No matter what you’ve got to work with, you’ll be able to create something special with a few quality elements and some strategically placed plants. And for a design that will last, make sure you top it off with a quality ToughGuard20 fence. If you’re looking for 2019 garden inspiration or want to install a fence that will last, talk to the ToughGuard20 team today.