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Melbourne Fencing trends for 2019

2019 is here and we’re starting to see all the biggest fencing trends emerge. If you’re living in Melbourne and looking to upgrade your fence this year, ToughGuard20 have a range of fences that are not only innovative in terms of their security, but also in terms of their aesthetic. Slat fencing has been on the rise for a few years now, but it’s reaching peak popularity particularly in the Melbourne fencing scene in 2019. ToughGuard20 have a wide range of slat fencing options so you’ll be able to have the trendiest and safest fence on the street.

Slat fencing – not just for Toorak

Over the past five years we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of slat fencing, particularly in terms of Melbourne fencing. If your home is starting to look dated, chances are your fence does too. Give it a refresh and it can revitalise your entire property. In terms of road facing Melbourne fencing, cool-toned neutrals are dominating. We’re seeing an increase of charcoal grey or very light greys, depending on your house. But, where slat fencing has really gained capital is in backyard fencing. If you’re looking to renovate your back garden this year slat fencing is the way to go. You can have more fun with it and use it as an accent piece. This means embracing more exciting colours, maybe a terracotta or deep blue for a subtle but significant pop of colour. It’ll look great complimented with fresh green succulents.


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Wood never goes out of style

The big movement we’re seeing in 2019 is an increase in wooden slat fencing. Or in our case aluminium wood. Wooden slats give your house a natural, earthy vibe that’s really trendy right now. It goes perfectly in entertaining spaces and makes for a nice contrast against a modern, minimalist house. Plus, it’s a great way to elevate your garden or collection of pot plants. Wooden slats don’t limit your creativity. You’re able to customise the type of wood you want to use and the finish you use. At ToughGuard20 we’re able to do one better than wooden slats. Aluminium fencing with a wood grain finish. You’ll never need to worry about treating or staining your wood, you won’t have to deal with rotting or insects, and it’ll come with our 10 year warranty to ensure the quality.

Looks aren’t everything

Apart from aesthetics ToughGuard20 fences are renowned for their security. They’re built using a patented aluminium design that makes them stronger and more durable than their nearest counterpart. Plus, they’re powder coated for added strength and protection. The powder coating process eliminates the risk of rust and adds years to the life of the product. This makes ToughGuard20 fences a smart investment that will last you for years to come.


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If you’re looking at upgrading your Melbourne fencing in 2019, ToughGuard20 has the fence for you. We have a wide range of styles to suit any property or location, so just talk to the ToughGuard20 team today for expert advice on all the latest Melbourne fencing trends.