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Commercial Fencing

ToughGuard20 has all of the solutions to your commercial fencing needs. Here Tom talks us through balancing safety and security in the state of the art fence installed at Lara Secondary College in late 2018.

Read what Tom has to say:

G’day it’s Tom from ToughGuard20 fencing. We’re out here at Lara Secondary College to have a look at one of our newly installed fencing panels and designs in December 2018. When we met with the principal of Lara he said that security was paramount. Safety for his kids, he wanted something that was strong, robust and that also looked good. I feel like we’ve achieved that with this fence panel we have with us here.

The great thing about this fence is that you have our 25mm patented tube. This is stronger than the ordinary 19mm tube. It then comes with the 40 by 40 horizontal rail and then our patented bracket system as well to ensure maximum strength and security. This particular fence, this is in Blue Knight Electro, which is one of the premium Dulux powder coating colours. As a Dulux accredited powder coater we can offer all our fence panels and design systems in the Dulux premium Duratec and Electro powder coating for no additional cost, backed by an extended warranty.

This job was a custom job to meet the specifications set by the principal. We’re able to do customisation as all our manufacturing is completed locally in our warehouse in Geelong. So if you need to get in contact with us you can reach us on or you can phone
1800 33 33 79.


If you have any questions about ToughGuard20’s commercial fencing, make sure you talk to the team today.