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Choose Australian-made fencing

When you’re looking to buy a fence, there are a few basic things people consider. What their price range is, what style they’re looking for, and what material they want; whether that’s wood, stainless steel or aluminium. Then they choose their fence. But it’s time to add another factor to the list, consider buying Australian-made. At ToughGuard20 we’re proud to be entirely Australian owned and operated. Based out of Geelong, we do our construction and powder coating locally on-site, making us an Australian-made company.

Why choose Australian-made?

Buying locally can end up being the more expensive option, but it usually pays off. You’re choosing to support a local business and pouring money into your own community. You know the products will be designed and built specifically for Australia’s regulations and conditions. Plus, you can be sure your product will be on trend and blend with the local neighbourhood. You don’t want to buy a fence that would look better in Shanghai than Melbourne. Choosing Australian-made products just makes sense.

Support local business

Shopping local has its obvious advantages. Namely, you’re keeping your money in the community; you’re supporting local jobs and improving the local economy. But the advantages aren’t limited to where your money goes. Buying local, Australian-made products means you get the opportunity to meet the people behind the product; you’re getting first-hand information from the experts themselves. You’re getting more personalised and better service. When you’re buying from a smaller local business, people know their customers. They can help you wherever possible and ensure you’re getting the most out of their product, because it’s important to them that you do. You definitely can’t say the same about multi-national conglomerates.

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Built for Australian regulations

The team here at ToughGuard20 have a thorough knowledge and working understanding of Australian fencing regulations. Therefore, they’ll be able to help you when planning your fence to ensure you’re not making any serious mistakes. Almost all our tubular style of fencing is in accordance with Australian pool compliancy standards (AS1926.1).

We’re up with the trends

We’re Australian-made and locally based so we understand the neighbourhood and what types of fences people are installing. We’re not going to design a fence that would completely clash with the Australian residential area, nor are we going to sell you something that’s really trendy in America, but Australians wouldn’t buy. We understand where we are and we can ensure you’re getting the best fence for your property.

The other major benefit of being Australian-made is the warranty we can offer you. We have faith in our products and know they’ll stand up to Australian conditions. Consequently, every aluminium fence comes with a 10-year manufacture warranty, plus a 10-year powder coating warranty. Additionally, we have a premium range called ToughGuard20/20. This range is backed by a 20-year manufacture warranty, plus a 20-year powder coating warranty. These types of benefits are why you should shop Australian-made and support local businesses. Talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today about your next aluminium fence.