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Automatic Gate Maintenance

An automatic gate can be a great asset for your home. Not only does it increase your security, privacy and convenience, but it’s also a great way to increase the value of your property. Like all mechanical products, your automatic gate will require simple, regular maintenance. We’ve put together our top automatic gate maintenance tips to keep your automatic gate in prime condition. But, before you go ahead with these tips, consult your gate’s manual. The manufactures know the product best, so if there are contradictory points, trust the designer.

Check your components

This may sound like the most obvious thing you can do, but take the effort to have a thorough look at your gate every few months. Check electrical connections, bearings, the chain belt and metal racks for obvious wear or damage. Pay particular attention to the bolts, they should be tightly screwed. If your bolts appear loose, don’t try to tighten them yourself, you’ll need to get a technician in. They’re prone to breakage if mishandled.

Look over your fence

Don’t just look at the components, look at the fence as a whole. Check for dented panels, signs of rust or corrosion, or wear and tear on your wooden gate. You may need to do a gentle sanding or re-stain your fence to keep it looking fresh. If you’ve got a ToughGuard20 fence, you won’t need to worry about repainting or rust. Just give it a good wash to keep it looking good as new.

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Twice a year you’ll want to take the time to lubricate your gate. Focus on the chain, roller, pulley and hinge, they’re the parts responsible for moving your gate, so you want to keep them working as seamlessly as possible. Continual friction or resistance can cause serious damage to the mechanism, but very simple maintenance can prevent this problem from occurring. So put in the time every few months to save you from bigger problems.

Simple automatic gate maintenance

These are very simple maintenance tips, but they’ll cover all your bases. Your automatic gate doesn’t require much attention, but every couple of months going through this simple checklist will ensure your gate is in peak working condition and remains looking impressive. If you’re looking for top quality automatic gates, talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today.