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aluminium vs timber

Aluminium Fencing vs Timber Fencing: Which Is Better?

aluminium vs timber

Choosing fence material is an age-old debate for homeowners who are looking to add luxury, security and privacy to their property. Do you choose timber fencing for its natural charm or aluminium powder-coated fencing for its security and reliability?

At ToughGuard20, we understand this debate well having spent 20+ years working in the fencing industry. In this article  we’ll discuss the benefits and weaknesses of timber and aluminium fencing across five key decision areas:

  • Cost
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Environmental Factors

Which Is Better -Timber or Aluminium?

  • Cost

The type of material you choose will largely be influenced by your budget for your fence and how much fencing you require. Prior to COVID installation costs for timber-panelled fencing were significantly cheaper because materials were readily available and sustainably sourced.

The market has changed and now timber fences can be more expensive than aluminium fencing and can have longer lead times because there is a continued shortage of materials.

Average installation costs and lead time in Victoria are:

  • Timber Fences: $50 to $120
  • Treated pine paling fence: $75 to $120
  • Aluminium Fences: $65 to $100
  • Hardwood fencing: $80 to $125
  • Treated Pine Slat Fence: $280 to $380
    (Source Hi Pages)


  • Design Choices

Often people think they are limited with fence designs. that isn’t the case anymore. At ToughGuard we have engineered award-winning aluminium fences that are specifically designed to match your home aesthetics.

Timber fences are often chosen because they’re nostalgic and many people have grown up with the white picket fence. However, they require regular maintenance and can become quite weathered.

With aluminium fences, you can choose from over 80 different colours and rest assured that it will maintain its aesthetic appeal throughout all weather conditions. (You can even have a picket design)

  • Installation

For both fence types, it is recommended that you hire a professional fence installer as there are a number of council regulations and potentially design requirements you will need to meet with your new fence.

Despite being slightly cheaper to install timber fences require a lot more construction. They can be difficult to install because you will need to ensure you have the right number of slats prior to building your fence.

Aluminium fences on the other hand are light, can be measured to the size of your property and are easy to install. At ToughGuard we even include the price of a gate in our quotations to assist homeowners with their decision.

  • Maintenance

When choosing fence material you will also have to consider how much time you have to repair and maintain the look of your fence.

Timber fences require a lot of maintenance and uplifting because they can quickly become weathered due to the harsh Victorian environment. They will also require some renovation every couple of years to ensure the integrity and structure of your fence.

Alternatively, powder-coated aluminium fences are rustproof and built to withstand all weather conditions. They will also maintain their integrity for at least 10 years. The most maintenance that may be required is a quick wash with the hose or a wipe down with a damp cloth to avoid splatter marks.

  • Environmental and situational factors

The last key decision many homeowners factor in when choosing their new fence material is environmental and situational factors such as sustainability, security and privacy.

Timber fences can be considered the environmentally conscious choice provided they are recycled pine or driftwood. However, these materials are susceptible to fires and water damage which can make them unsuitable if homeowners are installing them for anything other than decorative reasons.

Tough Guard’s Aluminium Fences are expertly designed to sustain all weather conditions and provide ultimate security and privacy without impacting the environment. Our panels come with a 45-degree angling to allow for air circulation. Our powder coating means your new fence is non-toxic, safe for the environment and rust-proof while also avoiding corrosion.

At the end of the day, there is no debate on what material you choose for your new fence, the only question left is what design best suits your home?

Get in touch with the ToughGuard team to learn more.