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Every house needs a good Fence

Your fence is the first part of your property that people get to see, so you want to make it count. A fence has lots of roles varying from practicality to aesthetics. So, before you decide on a fence, let us talk you through the key factors you need to think about when installing a new fence.

First of all, when fences are done well, they’re done really well. They are a key landscaping feature and can be instrumental in increasing property values. Here at ToughGuard20, we will always recommend getting a quality fence that lasts with little to no maintenance required. You don’t want to invest money in something that you have to work on every year.

Before we get into some key benefits, consider what you need your fence to do. Are your needs practical? Maybe you need to stop your dog from getting out. Do you live on a busy street that makes privacy your priority? Whatever your needs are, be sure to stick to them. Choosing the pretty option when you really need practicality won’t work for you, and it won’t help your resale value.

Privacy & Noise Reduction

This is a really good feature to start with, because it is essential for most people. Realtors continually highlight privacy as a selling point, and this is achieved through a good fence. It can be hard to get the most out of your property if you’re continually conscious of people being able to see you, or being able to look in on private dinner parties. This is a practical concern and getting a quality privacy fence is a practical answer. On the flip side of this issue is noise reduction. When living on a busy street a solid fence can reduce the amount of road noise you’re getting. If you find yourself having to raise your voice, this can be a great option.

Safety & Security

Safety is a key selling point, particularly for families or households with pets. You should be able to feel completely safe on your property, and if you don’t, a fence can offer a solution. In high crime areas this is particularly beneficial for peace of mind. However, fences aren’t just used to keep people out. Having a carrier between your children and the outside world can provide you with a sense of security. It makes it hard for children to wander off out into traffic, and prevents pets from escaping. A good fence should be protecting both your family and your possessions.

Property Lines

Knowing your property lines is really important, and having a fence to mark them can prevent people encroaching on your property. Similarly, fences can help avoid disputes with neighbours, particularly over issues concerning trees and yard maintenance. Marking your boundaries shows what patches of grass aren’t your responsibilities, or what trees your local council needs to take care of.

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Aesthetic Purposes

Given your fence is an investment, make it something you’re proud of. Whether you add ornamental elements, give it a unique design or paint it a contemporary colour, you can personalise it so it suits your property. If you want to soften the appearance of a security fence, plant flowers along the perimeter, or grow shrubs to disguise the appearance.


Our final point to consider is to plan well. Make sure gates are in appropriate and convenient locations. They should be wide enough to fit bulky green bins or a lawn mower through. It’s said that good fences make good neighbours, but really, good fences make good fences. Talk to our team at ToughGuard20 today to find the perfect fence for your property.