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Time to renovate your pool fence?

Summer is well on the way. The weather’s rapidly improving and your pool is starting to look like a really nice option right about now. You’re due for some regular maintenance. Before the swimming season begins you’ve got a list of tasks to get through. Check your pH levels and dose your pool with chemicals so it’s safe to swim in. Turn your solar heating back on so you don’t have to deal with winter water temperatures the next time the weather rises above 30 degrees. And most importantly, give your pool fence a thorough check to make sure it still complies with Australian pool fencing regulations.

The Australian pool fencing laws don’t just apply when your fence is first being installed; they need to be abided by every season. This means that you’re responsible for making sure your fence still meets regulations and doesn’t need repairing.

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Check your pool fence:

Initially, look for any signs of damage or wear to your fence, look for anything that is visibly damaged. You’ll want to pay particular attention to any parts of the fence that are obscured by plants or furniture. Check that you don’t have any furniture or tools lying around that children could easily move to gain access to the pool area. And similarly, make sure that any plants still abide by the pool fencing regulations and can’t be used to climb over the fence. You may need to do some summer pruning. Pay close attention to your fence latches to make sure they’re still strong and your fence automatically closes without any added effort. If your latches are damaged and won’t lock, your fence is automatically breaking the pool fencing laws and you’ll need to address this issue immediately.

If you don’t have a ToughGuard20 aluminium pool fence, you’ll want to watch for signs of corrosion. This can be prevented with regular maintenance, but it’s important that you’re watching for the signs. A ToughGuard20 pool fence won’t rust or corrode, it’s built to last. If your fence is looking worse for wear and needs more than a little maintenance, consider installing a ToughGuard20 fence. With a 10-year manufactures warranty, they’re an investment you know will last.

Before you start using your pool this summer, make sure it meets your local pool fencing regulations. Talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today to find out more about pool fencing this summer.