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The Importance of Powder Coating

When buying a fence, people often make the mistake of prioritising price over quality. Your fence is an investment that you want to last. Having to replace, update or perform regular maintenance on your fence is an unnecessary hassle if you’ve invested in quality from the beginning. The longevity of your fence comes down to two key factors; the structure and the finish. People are generally prepared to spend more on structure, as it’s responsible for the security and durability that you’re looking for. However, the finish of your fence is equally important, particularly in terms of longevity. That’s why ToughGuard20 uses a high quality, powder coating finish that can add years to your fence’s life.

Why choose Powder Coating?

There’s a misconception that the quality of a fence comes down to its structural integrity, but the finished coat of a fence is just as important. The adhesion properties of powder coating to aluminium are outstanding and far superior to steel. This means your fence will have excellent colour retention and a hard-wearing, serviceable finish. It’ll keep your fence looking good for years to come.

Licensed for over 150 different colours, you can be sure your ToughGuard20 fence will compliment your house, garden and fulfil your design brief.

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Choose an Expert

When it comes to applying your finish, be sure to use a Dulux registered powder coating applicator. Skimping on this step can lead to long-term costs for the maintenance, repainting and restoration of a poorly applied powder coating, adding unnecessary expense. Other than the top quality finish a Dulux accredited powder coater will provide, you’ll also qualify for the following:

  • 10-year powder coating warranty on Dulux Duralloy or Precious colour range
  • 20-year powder coating warranty on Dulux Duratec colour range
  • 30-year powder coating warranty on Dulux Fluroset colour range

So look to the future and choose a quality product you know will last. Talk to the team at ToughGuard20 today.