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Designing Your Fence to Meet the Aesthetics of Your Commercial Project

In commercial projects, every detail matters. From the architecture to the landscaping, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a building. Aesthetics don’t override all design elements, especially in commercial buildings that are potentially used by hundreds or thousands of people each year. Several elements come into play to create a well-designed building. Fences, for instance, must not only look good but have functionality, durability, usability, convenience and safety. There’s much that goes into the design of a fence so that it serves its intended purpose and stands the test of time. To meet the aesthetic needs of a commercial project, good design of all elements is key. A beautifully designed project begins with a well-designed fence. Read on to learn what to consider in a fence design. 

How a fence contributes to building design 

Different commercial properties serve different purposes. However, the exterior appearance always sets the tone for visitors, clients, and employees. A fence is the first thing that visitors see at a property. It contributes significantly to creating an initial impression and to the overall architecture of a building. Here’s how to use a fence to meet the aesthetic needs of your building:

Create a welcoming environment for visitors 

The fence of a property serves as a boundary that separates the public space from the private, and its design can communicate different levels of openness and accessibility. A thoughtfully designed fence can be inclusive – drawing people in, and making them feel comfortable and intrigued to explore further. It can also draw people out, making an environment feel exclusive. 

Enhance curb appeal

First impressions are lasting in the business world. A well-designed fence adds to the curb appeal of your property, making it stand out. Whether it’s a sleek modern design for a modern company or a classic steel fence for a boutique hotel, a fence enhances the exterior look of a building. 

Establish your brand identity

For businesses, the exterior design, including the fence, is an opportunity to reinforce brand identity. Fences can incorporate company colours, logos, or unique patterns that reflect a brand’s ethos. With a fence, branding extends beyond a website or internal space and becomes a part of the overall visual identity of the business.

Factors to consider for your commercial project’s fence

It’s time to consider the design elements of fences. These contribute to durability, functionality, usability, convenience and safety.


There are many styles of fencing that you can use in your project. These include Slat Fencing, Balustrades, Batten Fencing, Vertical Bladed Fin Fencing, Decorative & Right Angle Fencing, and Federation Picket Fencing.

Lighting and landscaping integration

Integrating lighting fixtures into fence design contributes to an appealing entry to your business and safety. LED lights along a fence highlight architectural features and add drama at night. Lights also illuminate pathways in darkness and provide vision for safety and security cameras. Additionally, incorporating landscaping such as trees or pot plants can soften a fence’s appearance.

Privacy or transparency

Consider the level of privacy required for your commercial property. Solid panel fences provide privacy and security, making them suitable for areas where discretion is necessary, such as employee break areas or outdoor spaces.

Design your fence 

At the intersection of functionality and visual appeal lies the perfect commercial fence; one that not only provides security and defines spaces, but also adds value to your brand and creates a welcoming environment for visitors. By carefully considering factors such as style, colour and integration with lighting, landscaping and privacy requirements, you can create your ideal fence that enhances your project. 

If you’re ready to nail your commercial project with a beautifully designed fence, contact us today. Our team of experts is here to advise and guide you through the process and create a custom solution that meets your specific needs and vision.