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Choosing your commercial fence

A fence is an important part of any property. It’s responsible for your security and safety; it keeps people out and clearly defines property boundaries. It’s important in every area, but becomes particularly relevant when considering commercial applications. For schools and kindergartens, aged-care facilities, hospitals and local businesses, fences become increasingly important. As a result, choosing a commercial fence is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When going to invest in a commercial fence, you should be looking for three key features above all else; security, longevity and value. These key features can be found at the forefront of ToughGuard20’s design and manufacturing process, making ToughGuard20 the perfect option for your commercial fencing needs.

Put security first

Before you start thinking about the aesthetics of your fence, focus on the practicality. In a commercial setting, security is the primary function of your fence. It serves to keep people out and when you have children in your care, this becomes a particularly important feature. The reverse of this is that your fence will also keep people in. During the school day or kindergarten session, you don’t want young children to be able to wander out onto the road or off by themselves if they’re able to slip away. These security features should be front of mind when choosing your commercial fence. At ToughGuard20 our fences put security first through our strong, tough design and quality construction.

Longevity is always important

At ToughGuard20 we understand that a commercial fence is an investment you only want to have to make once. You need a fence that gets the job done, is low maintenance and will last. ToughGuard20 ticks all those boxes. Our aluminium fences are renowned for being long lasting and durable. Plus, our powder coating finish eliminates the threat of rust and corrosion, meaning you’re investing in a fence that’ll last and stay looking good for years to come. This is your business that you’re investing in, so pay a little more up front for a premium product that’ll last, rather than having to replace your fence five years down the track; it’s common sense.

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Value is everything

Value for money is always a priority when making investments for your business, and that’s why ToughGuard20 products come with a warranty included. We build our products to last, so we provide you with a 10-year manufacture warranty, plus an additional 10-year powder coating warranty, so you can be sure we believe in our product quality and longevity.

Invest in a commercial fence

At ToughGuard20 we understand the investment you’re making in your commercial fence, and want you to get the best value for money possible. Talk to the expert team at ToughGuard20 today about installing your next commercial fence.