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ToughGuard’s Unique Bracket Design

And why it's making your Australian Fence the best on the market

Today, Craig Sferco talks us through ToughGuard20s unique, patented design that is making their Australian fence the strongest on the market. Learn how this fence absorbs impact and is able to withstand the force of a ride-on mower; because that's the type of strength and security you want out of your fence.   Read what Craig had to...

Your next wooden fence will be Aluminium

And no one will ever know

It's not often that classics get revamped to be even better than the original, but here we go. ToughGuard20 has reinvented the white picket wooden fence. It's the same classic look with none of the maintenance. No painting or sanding, and no risks of rotting or decay. Made from our powder-coated aluminium, this is a fence you'll never...

How tough is your fence?

3 things you need to know when purchasing aluminium slats

Aluminium slats are the new trend in the world of fencing which is mostly attributed to their sleek and elegant design. They are highly diverse in their applications ranging from privacy panels, fence in-fill panels, bin and air-conditioning enclosures, entry gates and picket reproduction fencing. Aluminium slats are also perfect in wooden fence...

Before you get started with the construction of your new pool or spa, make sure you’re familiar with the Australian rules and standards so you don’t get caught out. All of the requirements we’re referencing here today are valid for pools installed after the 30th of April 2010. If you want to check your pool safety and it was installed...

Aluminium Fencing

Why it should be your next choice in fencing

Have you ever wondered why people are choosing aluminium fencing over steel fencing these days? The world of fencing often entails the choice between two materials, aluminium and steel. The common thought is that steel is superior due to its strength and density and is often associated with commercial fencing. However, the manufacturing and...

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