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Australian Rules for Pool Fencing

Before you get started with the construction of your new pool or spa, make sure you’re familiar with the Australian rules and standards so you don’t get caught out.

All of the requirements we’re referencing here today are valid for pools installed after the 30th of April 2010. If you want to check your pool safety and it was installed prior to this date, the requirements issued at that time are the ones that are relevant to you, and can be found on the government website.

First things first, you’ll need a building permit. This needs to be issued by a registered building surveyor and will be valid for 12 months. This is the time you have to begin your construction. Be careful throughout the construction process because if your new pool is filled with more than 30cm of water, you will need to install a temporary safety barrier around it in order to comply with regulations.

Once your pool or spa is successful built, you’ll have to go through another layer of simple safety requirements. These requirements apply to anything with a depth greater than 30cm. This obviously references pools and spas, but also includes inflatable, above ground pools. It is worth noting that these guidelines do not apply to fishponds, dams or water fountains.

All pools and spas are required to have a four sided fence at a minimum height of 1.2 metres. This fence cannot have any direct access to the house or any other buildings from inside the boundaries. The gates need to be self-closing and self-latching and it should be noted that it is illegal to have the gate propped open at any time.

It is also important that no climbable objects are left in range of the fence. This includes any objects such as pot plants, eskys or deck chairs.

All of these requirements can be easily implemented and are enforced for safety reasons.

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