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ToughGuard’s Unique Bracket Design

Today, Craig Sferco talks us through ToughGuard20s unique, patented design that is making their Australian fence the strongest on the market. Learn how this fence absorbs impact and is able to withstand the force of a ride-on mower; because that’s the type of strength and security you want out of your fence.


Read what Craig had to say

G’day, Craig Sferco, I’m the owner and innovator of ToughGuard20 fencing and balustrading products. What I’d like to show you now is why our Australian fencing products are so different and so unique. First and foremost, all of our products are made in Australia, we support Australian jobs and we support Australian quality. All of our products have been designed to meet and exceed the Australian standards for pool fencing and balustrading. The uniquely patented system, which is what I’d like to show you now. I’d like to show you why our product is so different from other generic types of fencing, similar types of fencing products out there in the marketplace at this particular time.

Firstly, I’d like to point out I have a little display here that I’d like to use just to demonstrate and show you why our product is so different.

If I could just start with the post bracket assembly here, you will notice that the post bracket assembly, which is also patented, actually slots into our post, or slots around our own unique post. The purpose of that is for; number one, ease of installation. Number two, it transfers load. In other words, if this particular product is being used as a pool fence, your young children who you are trying to provide security for, children being children, if they do climb all over the fence, jump up and down on, all that type of thing, they will have a very hard time breaking this particular bracket. Again providing security from your children from entering into the pool area pool and downing.

Very important if a lot of load, you happen to be driving your ride on mower or pushing a mower and you happen to bump into the Australian fence, you will not sheer off these tech screws. The load is transferred from the post back down to the ground, making it a far stronger and superior product to other generic products that are out there.

I’d also like to show you our post. So from the outside a post is a post, it looks like a post but from the inside the engineering that we’ve put into this post is quite unique. Number one, it is a 50 by 48mm dimensional post internally, we have an internal rib here that provides extra strength, makes the post more rigid, but more importantly we have these, what we call our screw lines. So you can see where the middle of the screw line is, it’s a little bit thicker, we’ve engineered it so again, screw pops in, doesn’t spin and it provides a very good point of contact for the screw.

Secondly, you’ll also notice our base plates and we have screw flutes that are built into our post. These base plates when you’re using our product above ground, keying it down to concrete, you’re actually able to screw the base plate down to the post so as you don’t have any unsightly welds that can looks quite messy. It’s a very strong, clean finished product.


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