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Aluminium Slat Fencing

If you’re looking for a fence to fit your coastal lifestyle, ToughGuard20 has the answer. Aluminium slat fences not only look great in the landscape, but are also available in a wide range of colours. They won’t rust in the conditions, and with ToughGuard’s unique design, these fences and gates can handle a slope like a pro. Craig Sferco is here to talk about the innovation behind the easy installation process that’ll save you time and effort.

Read what Craig had to say

G’day, I’m Craig Sferco, co-owner and innovator of ToughGuard20 fencing and balustrading products. I’m here at Torquay today to show you one of our ToughGuard20 aluminium fences.

This is an ideal coastal product as it is aluminium, it’s not prone to rust like a steel product would and furthermore it is powder coated. This particular product has been innovated for ease of installation, as it has been purpose designed to suit this particular area.

Here you can just see with our posts and how uniquely different they are to other products that you might already be looking at. You can see it’s aluminium, it’s 75 by 75. We have these inclusions here that increase the strength.

This product has been designed for ease of installation, it is far quicker to install one of our products as opposed to one of our competitive products. The reason for that is the actual innovation that we’ve actually put into our product. A lot of the thinking that is required when you’re installing a product, we’ve actually innovated into the product so it goes together very easily. None of the screws that we use to assemble the product are seen, everything is concealed, everything just slots together easily.

Our slip fencing can be custom made to suit any particular size required. You can see the gate is on a slope, as where we are standing here today, the slope of the ground is probably about 10 to 15 degrees. So if we’re able to custom make gates, fence panels to suit the pitch of the ground. Again, easy to install, everything is done for the installation. All of our ToughGuard20 aluminium slats are manufactured right here in Australia.

Furthermore, our powder coating process is also under the same roof and we are able to offer the full powder coat colour range. If you’re interested in one of our ToughGuard20 aluminium slat products, you may contact us directly on 1800 33 33 79 or please go to our website.