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The picket fence of your dreams

Looking to live out your white picket fence dreams with one that won’t age poorly or need repainting? ToughGuard20 has the answer with aluminium heritage style fences that are built to last. Here, Craig Sferco talks about the unique design that’s maintenance free and will last forever.

Read what Craig had to say

G’day, Craig Sferco here, ToughGuard20 fencing and balustrading products. I just would like to show you this aluminium picket fence.

Just when you though aluminium couldn’t get any better, just have a look at this heritage fence here we’ve made out of aluminium. Built to last, won’t corrode and as it is here for the duration.

If you’re in the market for a picket fence, why would you consider using traditional timber pickets when you can use an aluminium one that is maintenance free and will last pretty much forever. Right choice. Again, lots of colours to choose from, lots of different tops to use and look at the result.

If you’re interested in a heritage picket fence, again contact us direct at ToughGuard fencing and balustrading products on 1800 33 33 79 or Google ToughGuard aluminium fencing and have a look at our website; it’s fantastic.