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Aluminium Fencing

Have you ever wondered why people are choosing aluminium fencing over steel fencing these days?

The world of fencing often entails the choice between two materials, aluminium and steel. The common thought is that steel is superior due to its strength and density and is often associated with commercial fencing. However, the manufacturing and installation of aluminium fencing is growing more and more as time passes and is suitable for all fencing projects. This is due to a number of reasons:

  1. Aluminium is cheaper and flexible in design

Aluminium is a lighter metal than steel, which allows the pricing differences to be drastically reduced than all other materials. It also has increased flexibility making the manufacturing and designing of the aluminium fencing to be more precise and to a higher quality standard.

Concerns often arise in regards to the strength of aluminium fencing, but is not a concern for ToughGuard20 fence owners as third party accreditations have noted our aluminium fencing products to be 65% stronger than the Australian average.

The lighter material weight also makes it easier to install aluminium fencing as it can be done by one person compared to steel fencing which often requires a helping hand.

  1. Non-corrosive properties

Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion of all forms which makes it a longer lasting material due to it being less prone to damaging. Corrosion is commonly thought to occur due to salty air and water in maritime locations, but also arises due to rain, wind and temperature changes. This makes aluminium suited to ALL living conditions and not just subject to coastal areas.

This also reduces aluminium fencing maintenance time as you don’t have to spend countless hours re-painting or repairing your fence

Pool fence and gate installed by Greg Hooper Fencing
  1. Adhesive properties

The adhesive properties of aluminium are un-matched in comparison to other metal fencing products. These properties aid in making the powder coating used in the manufacturing process to bond far stronger to the material and is exclusive to aluminium.

Purchasing an aluminium fence from a registered Dulux powder coating applicator such as ToughGuard20 Fencing and Balustrading will also add longevity and quality assurance to your fence as they are qualified to grant a 10/20 year powder coating (depending on the grade of paint) warranty to your fence.

Custom designed fence installed by Dolphin Fencing
  1. Recyclable

Society is becoming increasingly conscious to the effects their choices have on the environment. Aluminium is a recyclable metal making it an environmentally friendly choice and uses only a fraction of the energy used to originally create the fence.

We know that home gardens and exterior design change over time so if you’re looking at purchasing a fence which you may replace in the future, why not make it an environmentally friendly choice?

With the versatility, various chemical properties and recyclable benefits, aluminium fencing is paving the way for the next generation of landscape, garden, pool, commercial and architectural grade fencing. For more information about aluminium fencing contact the team at ToughGuard20 and they’ll be more than happy to discuss further.

Installation by Western Gates and Fences